David Boni Portrait, Landscape & Lifestyle

David Boni

David Boni is an award-winning advertising photographer and director. Equally comfortable shooting stills or directing live-action TV commercials and online content, David’s beautiful lighting, crisp direction and calm persona make every shoot a pleasure.

Starting out as a still life photographer – with Irving Penn as his inspiration for making absolutely anything look beautiful – David moved into portraiture and then expanded into moving image. David’s moving image work is now growing from purely commercials into documentary and long-form films, including a multi-agency sponsored project about Global Social Enterprise that has taken him all over the world.

His Scottish roots shine through in his work, especially the landscapes, which have been used in campaigns for ScotRail and Highland Spring. David loves working on conceptual ideas and relishes the diversity of a photographer’s life – working on portrait shoots with chickens, photographing The Stranglers being hung by the neck from a kid’s swing set, or racing a Massey Ferguson tractor against a Formula 1 car. (The tractor was winning until the engine blew up…)

With bases in both London and Glasgow and shooting all over the world David’s clients include Whyte and Mackay, Inventiv Health, FedEx, Alcon, Manchester United, RBS, Strongbow and HM Government to name but a few.