Now representing David Boni – portrait, sport and advertising



SGU-Fishing_Folio-(1)We are delighted to announce that we are have signed portrait, sport and advertising photographer David Boni.

David doesn’t just stick to shooting beautiful stills for sport and advertising clients but is also an assured commercials Director and DOP – directing live action and online content for commercial and charitable organisations.  David’s beautiful lighting, crisp direction and calm persona makes every shoot a pleasure – whatever the medium.

With bases in both London and Glasgow, while shooting all over the world David’s clients include Manchester United, RBS, Wonderbra, Strongbow and HM Government to name but a few. We’re really looking forward to introducing his work to those of you that don’t know it already…but if you can’t wait for and want to see a portfolio or a film showreel let us know!

Yes chef!

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 14.41.58

For a man of simple tastes when it comes to food over the last few years Mark Harrison has a spent a lot of time with Michelin starred chefs.  This fantastic shoot for Stylist Magazine starred the leading female chefs worldwide.  Greedy types that we are at Lucid we were disappointed he didn’t bring us back any high end snacks  – but the pictures are great, so we were visually satisfied instead… You can read the story in full in this weeks  magazine – out now or see the rest of the tear sheets under commissioned work on Mark’s webpage.

The other side of the camera

Mark Harrison was photographing an author in Frankfurt last week, who has written a rather lovely description of what it is like to be on the other side of the lens*.  It’s absolutely worth a read for the quality of the writing, but it also encapsulates all the elements that we think make Mark such a brilliant portrait photographer – makes us feel quite proud of working with him!


*As the portrait of Clare Dunkle has not been published yet, here is a behind the scenes photograph of Mark with Olivia Williams also looking very happy with her portrait.

When Mark met Jamie

Last month Mark Harrison added to his great collection of The Times Magazine covers; on this occasion working with the ever lovely Mr Jamie Oliver to promote his new show Comfort Food.

With a nod to the classic Charlie Chaplin bread roll sketch, Mark has created another stunning studio portrait, bringing a smile to the faces of the whole Lucid team.




The 111 project

Mark Harrison is embarking on a new project, ‘111’.

Over the coming months at the end of Marks shoots you may well see him start to pack away all but one of his lights.

Done in 1 minute with 1 lens & 1 light Mark has started to produce a series of beautifully candid shots. The series starts with the ever lovely Caitlin Moran.

Caitlin Moran

When Mark created a hybrid…

Mark Harrison had quite a day with this shoot with Caitlin Moran as Nigella, and Nigella as Caitlin for the Saturday Times – you can see video of the shoot here and the whole shoot in the Saturday Times this weekend.  And if you really want to keep up with it – then  #CatElla is the hastag to follow on twitter…